Semi - formal table layout

There are a few ways to properly set up your table. The official ones are: informal (basic), semi – formal and formal. This table layout has a lot of different names, semi-formal, elegant (wedding) and some call it an informal table setting. But for most of us it’s a step up from what we think of as an informal table layout. The previous blog post “Where to start with your table décor” described how to properly layout the table in the most basic way. Now it’s time for a slightly more sophisticated setting.


The dinner plate is placed in the centre approximately 1 inch from the edge of the table. If you plan on serving bread, place a bread plate above the forks along with a bread knife. Depending on the starter, choose an appropriate plate.


Both forks are placed on the left side of the dinner plate. The knife is placed on the right side of the plate with its blade facing in. Soup spoon should be placed on the right side of the dinner knife. This is the most classic layout, but if your menu doesn’t include soup, skip the unnecessary cutlery.


The water glass is placed closest to hand above the tip of the knife. You should put at least one wine glass on the right and above the water glass.

This layout is often used at wedding receptions or other elegant occasions, but even a Saturday dinner with friends is a perfect opportunity to elevate your table décor.

Have you ever tried this set up at home?

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